Lease purchase financing

Acquire the Equipment, vehicles and facilities You need, when you need them

If you're like most fire departments or municipalities, you're stuck trying to balance tight budgets with the need for new equipment. The tough economy has made that job even harder. Lease purchase financing can be a great option to traditional financing or bonding. It can help you save money; speed up purchases and manage your budgets.

We can help make sure you're always ready. We specialize in lease purchase financing. This is not a rental plan. Instead you build equity with each payment and own the vehicle, equipment or facility after the last payment.

  • No large, upfront cash outlay. You can budget your first payment in the next fiscal year.
  • Flexible terms to meet your needs: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual
  • Build equity with each payment, and own the equipment after your final payment
  • Lower interest rates due to tax-exempt status
  • No voter approval required in most states, because lease purchase financing is not considered debt

To see if lease purchase financing is the best option for you, contact us.

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